On the Last Day - One Final Workout

Coach Mike Ricci wearing a swim cap
December 21, 2021

D3 Staff



As we wind down 2021, take stock of the year, and look forward to reaching new goals in 2022, there is still time for one final workout!  What should it be?  You can start your new year with a benchmark and a new tradition.

While some may strive for an epically long or overtly challenging slog, I’m going to recommend a different approach.  Try a workout that you can do year after year regardless of your fitness. A workout that lets you take stock of where you are now and compare it to where you have been and where you can go.  In other words, I encourage you to set a year-end/year-start tradition.  

With this thought in mind, I’d like to set some ground rules for the workout. 

  1. Pick something you can do year after year.
  2. Don’t make it so epic it can’t be repeated.
  3. Pick a workout that doesn’t require you to be in a certain place or with certain equipment.
  4. Consider making it a percentage of HR.  This way as you age or your fitness changes, you can still chart progress (measure distance as percentage of LT, HR, or Max HR, etc..
  5. This article about Determining Heart Rates and Power Zones will serve as a helpful resource.

Below are two examples of this type of workout.  I have chosen swimming and running since they require very little equipment and therefore can likely be done while traveling or visiting with family.  

Have a wonderful year's end and a blessed new year!

triathlon runners


  • Warmup: 10-20 minutes depending on experience level.  The faster you will run the 5K the more time you will need to warm up.
  • 5K:  run a 5K at 87-90% of your LT HR.  Measure and record your time for next year.  If you don’t know your LT HR use a perceived effort of 6 or so (out of 10).
  • Cooldown for 10-15 minutes.

SWIM WORKOUT:  20:20 Workout

  • Warmup: 200-400 yards
  • Main Set: 20 x 100 : 20-sec rest.  (record total time from the start of the main).  If your fitness doesn’t allow you to swim 20 x 100, then reduce the distance.  For example, 20 x 50, etc.
  • Cool down for 10 minutes
triathlon swimmer

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