D3 Triathlon Minute, Episode 53, How To Clean your Bike Cassette

Swim, Bike, Run
June 21, 2014

Dave Sheanin


In this week's D3 Triathlon Minute, Coach Dave shares his quick and easy way to clean your cassette.

Coach Dave Sheanin is an advocate for aligning triathletes with their race goals. He believes that becoming “triathlon literate” is key to meeting your goals. Triathlon is indeed a lifestyle and like the other important areas of your life, knowledge is power. He encourages you to explore the nuances of the sport, be open to new ideas and ask questions – of yourself, of fellow swimmers, cyclists and runners, and of your coach.  

Coach Dave is a USA Triathlon and Training Peaks Certified Coach.  Coach Dave was honored by USA Triathlon with the Community Impact Award.

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