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January 30, 2017

Jim Hallberg


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A run workout by Coach Jim Hallberg:

The following workout series will push and bump up the threshold for your running. I personally found it to be a fun and challenging series of workouts that improved my main season race performances. This workout is appropriate for April or May, after you've done a few track sessions.

I take a PR time from the last 12 months (5k-10k distance or longer) and plug it into the McMillan running calculator. This calculator predicts your personal bests for every distance. These are single workouts, done once a week, and they progress over a four-week period.

**Week 1:**
- Easy 20+ minute slow warm-up, drills, and stretch.
- 4 sets of 200-meter build-ups.
- Then, 1 mile all-out to meet or beat my McMillan time. Possibly adding 4 sets of 400 meters after for a good recovery from the previous effort.

**Week 2:**
- Repeat warm-up as above, this time 2k (5 laps) all-out to meet or beat McMillan time.

**Week 3:**
- Repeat warm-up as above, this time 2 miles (3200 meters - 8 laps on the track) to meet or beat my best time.

**Week 4:**
- Repeat warm-up as above, this time the choice of either 3 miles or 5k as predicted.

This workout teaches you what efforts you should be maintaining on the track. For example, if your workouts are 400 meters, it is a good idea to do them at mile race pace. If you want to get a new 5k PR, you have to run faster than 5k race pace for short distances. If you're running 800 meters or 1k, they should be done at 2-mile best effort race pace. This is assuming your goal race is 5k-10k PRs or off-the-bike PRs.

If you have questions about this workout, please email Coach Jim below.

Coach Jim Hallberg notices that some athletes spend too much time focusing solely on their strengths or just on their weaknesses. As a coach, he believes you should work on both. Your strengths can give you a competitive edge in one or more of the disciplines but spend an inordinate amount of time on them and you can forgo progress in other areas. Not enough time and you’ll see them diminish. Same with your weaknesses.  Coach Jim works with you to build a plan to balance the two and make you the best overall athlete you can be!

Coach Jim is a 5X USA Triathlon National Champion, a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach and USA Cycling Level II Certified Coach.

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