Workout of the Month - February 2014

A photo a triathlete riding his bike in Boulder, CO
January 30, 2017

Jim Hallberg


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Workout #1

by Coach Jim Hallberg

For a winter time bike trainer workout, que up a good movie or Tour de France video, or anything else that gets you going for 2 hrs and follow this:

Start with a 20 minute spin in Z 1-2.

Hop off the bike and do 3 sets of 10 reps of 1 arm and 1 leg exercises. (example:  alternate between squats and bench press, or reverse lunges with weights and push ups).

Once the 3 to 10 sets are done, hop back on the bike.

20 minutes either in Z 3, or 5 minute hill climb simulations on the trainer.  Cadence 70-80rpms @ 85% FTP or Z 3 with 3 minute spin in between. Repeat until 20 minutes is up.

Hop off and choose 2 NEW exercises 3 sets of 10 reps.  (example:  alternate between weighted fast switch leg step ups and pull ups).

Back on the bike for another 20 minutes, this time every 5 minutes build the intensity. From Z 2-4, not going above 100% FTP, but ending with the last 5 minutes at 100% FTP; or just simple gear change while maintaining  the same effort.

Hop back off the bike for another set of arm and leg exercises. (example:  hamstring curls or straight leg dead lifts to engage glutes and hamstring, and dips off a chair or bench).

Hop back on the bike, 20 minutes in Z 3.

Then cool down!

Workout #2

by Coach Brad Seng

For a run workout, try the Mona Fartlek (named after Steve Moneghetti, Australian Olympian)

WU: 15-20' with several strides at the end

MS: 2 x (90‚" fast/90" easy). 4 x (60" fast/60" easy). 4 x (30" fast/30" easy). 4 x (15" fast/15" easy).

CD: easy 10-20' jogging

Coach Jim Hallberg notices that some athletes spend too much time focusing solely on their strengths or just on their weaknesses. As a coach, he believes you should work on both. Your strengths can give you a competitive edge in one or more of the disciplines but spend an inordinate amount of time on them and you can forgo progress in other areas. Not enough time and you’ll see them diminish. Same with your weaknesses.  Coach Jim works with you to build a plan to balance the two and make you the best overall athlete you can be!

Coach Jim is a 5X USA Triathlon National Champion, a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach and USA Cycling Level II Certified Coach.

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