Transitions are Key to Gaining Time During a Triathlon

A triahlete works hard to move up in transition
June 30, 2022

George Epley


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Most of us don't spend enough time - if any time - practicing transitions yet they are an important area where we can gain time during a race.

In the video D3 Coach George Epley shares an important rule of thumb about your transition times and he also references this article (link below) by Head Coach Mike Ricci for more tips to improve your transitions.

Shave Overall Race Time In Your Transitions

Coach Geroge Epley has a passion for knowledge and believes it’s the key to maximizing your potential. He keeps abreast of the latest scientific studies, always trying to find more efficient and validated means of coaching his athletes. Knowledge in the form of communication is just as important. The more he knows about his athletes and the sooner he knows of changes in circumstances, lifestyle, or training, the greater resource he can be.

Coach George is a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Elite Certified, USA Cycling Elite Level, USA Cycling Cyclocross Certified, ACSM – Certified Personal Trainer, MBSC – Certified Functional Strength Coach, Training Peaks Coach and WKO4 Certified

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