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November 21, 2016

D3 Staff


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Typically, I incorporate three bike rides into my day, but it's not what you might expect. I'm not logging hundreds of miles each day, and yes, I do have a full-time job—actually, two! Alongside coaching, I serve as the Content Manager for TrainingPeaks. In this role, I manage our blog, collaborate with partners like USA Triathlon, British Cycling, Team Sky, and others, and create website content. It's a fantastic job that I adore just as much as coaching athletes. So, how do I manage to fit in so much riding? It's actually quite straightforward.

A typical day starts early for me, around 6 am, when I wake up with my almost 2-year-old daughter. After preparing breakfast for us both, I prioritize some quality playtime before heading to work around 7:30 am. Now that the weather is favorable, I commute to TrainingPeaks on my bike. The journey spans just over 10 miles if I take the direct route, but I often opt for side dirt roads to avoid heavy traffic and enjoy better scenery. Along the way, I encounter a pair of bald eagles perched in the same tree every day, pass by horse pastures, and admire beautiful farms. Commuting by bike not only feels productive but also sets a positive tone for the day.

Upon reaching my desk, I review my calendar to determine my schedule of meetings and tasks for the day. This helps me identify the best window of opportunity for my hour-long ride, which typically falls around lunchtime. If my workout is specific, such as intervals, I'll ride solo. Alternatively, if I have some flexibility, I often join other strong riders from the office for a challenging group ride. We push each other in sprints and climbs for about an hour before returning to our desks for lunch and to tackle our workload. Regardless of the ride's intensity, the lunchtime session is usually demanding.

Of course, there are days when meetings and tasks pile up, necessitating a postponement of my ride to ensure I meet my work commitments. In such cases, I adjust by incorporating my workout into my commute home. To prioritize family time, I shorten the ride to about 45 minutes, which typically involves a shorter, high-intensity effort—a sort of "must-get-home-now" time trial. Even on days when I've ridden at lunch, I often push on the way home to expedite my return.

With these three rides, I can typically accumulate around 2.5 hours of riding per day—an admirable total that allows me to occasionally push myself hard twice in a day. Naturally, there are days when I opt to drive to work, spin easily at lunch, and drive home, particularly if I'm feeling fatigued. Yet, once I settle into the rhythm, cycling becomes the default choice over starting up the car. My legs grow stronger, and it's been months since I've visited a gas station.

As Coach AJ Johnson aptly puts it, "one of the things I love about coaching is that no two athletes are the same—even when their goals are. I view each person that I work with as a puzzle with unique abilities, motivators, lifestyle, and potential. There's nothing I enjoy more than helping someone incorporate the individual pieces to get the results they're looking for—because when it all comes together, it's amazing!"

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