Progressive Power Pyramid

Female doing an indoor bike training session
October 7, 2023

Brad Seng


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As the race season winds down for most of us and we transition to our off-season or early base training, here is one of my favorite indoor cycling sessions for this time of year.  It provides a stimulus across a variety of energy systems with just enough dosing of modest intensity to keep things honest and interesting while not leaving one feeling totally gassed.

Activation exercises - knee hugs, lateral lunges, etc.

WU: 15' easy.
-->5x(20'' moderate + 40'' easy) as primers to wake up the legs.
MS: Progressive Power Pyramid. Recovery is half the work rate and an extra 5' easy spinning between rounds.  2-3 total rounds as time permits:
-->4' @ 80% FTP (RPE 6) + 2' easy
-->3' @ 90% FTP (RPE 7) + 1:30 easy
-->2' @ 100% FTP (RPE 8) + 1' easy
-->1' @ 110% FTP (RPE 9) + 30'' easy
-->5' easy

Remainder of time easy spinning.

Coach Brad Seng enjoys working with athletes of all abilities who set a variety of personal goals. He understands difficult training days. Challenging days and subpar workouts are inevitably part of the triathlon landscape, as are the times when you’re feeling great and everything clicks. He believes there are lessons to be learned from experiencing both. Sometimes having to fight for a workout is just what’s needed to achieve an important breakthrough in mental conditioning.  

Coach Brad is a USA Triathlon Certified Level II, USA Triathlon Certified Youth & Junior, Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach and NESTA Certified Sports Nutritionist (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association).

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