Keep Triathlon Training Simple

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December 15, 2016

Mike Ricci


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A few tips to improve your performance without investing more time into your training:

Goal Setting: While most athletes set goals at the beginning of each season, consider setting weekly goals and goals for each individual workout. Focus on the intensity you bring to each session and the specific benefits you aim to gain. Discipline yourself to stick to your goals, especially on easy training days, regardless of what your training partners do.

Nutrition: Post-workout nutrition is crucial for quick recovery and preparing for subsequent workouts. Opt for real food like bananas, eggs, vegetables, and lean protein instead of shakes or energy bars. Proper nutrition after a breakthrough workout can significantly reduce recovery time and enhance overall performance.

Form/Technique: Don't overlook the importance of form and technique. Have a qualified coach assess your swimming, cycling, and running technique regularly. Consider getting video-taped every few months to identify areas for improvement. Better form can lead to increased speed and efficiency, making it a simple yet effective way to enhance performance.

Focus on Weaknesses: Dedicate time to improving your weaknesses, whether it's swimming, cycling, or running. Train specifically for your weaker events for an extended period, while reducing focus on your strengths. Adding volume to your training and focusing on form can lead to significant improvements in your weaker disciplines.

Recovery Days: Monitor your recovery by tracking your morning resting heart rate (MRHR) daily. A higher-than-normal MRHR may indicate the need for more rest or a change in your training plan. Remember that your body gets stronger during recovery days, so prioritize rest when needed to avoid overtraining.

Implementing these strategies in your off-season training can lead to improvements in performance without adding extra time to your already busy schedule. Focus on the details, and by next season, you'll be well-positioned to excel. After all, it's the little things that separate champions from the rest of the pack.

Coach Mike Ricci is the Founder and Head Coach for D3 Multisport.  His coaching style is ‘process-focused’ vs. ‘results-focused.’ When working with an athlete, their understanding of how and why they are improving is always going to take precedence over any race result. Yes, there is an end goal, but in over 2 decades of coaching, experience has shown him that if you do the right work, and for the right reasons, the results will follow.

Coach Mike is a USAT Level III Elite Certified Coach, Ironman University Certified Coach, and Training Peaks Level II Certified Coach. He was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year.

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