9 Tips for Effectively Managing Race Week

December 14, 2016

Brad Seng


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Your ‚ÄúA‚Äù race is knocking on the door.  Your body is absorbing the work you have completed.  You find yourself getting a little jumpy with excited nervousness.  Here are some simple tips to help you manage the final days leading up to your big day:

  1. Trust your fitness.  Don‚Äôt second guess what you did in training and have confidence in your ability.
  2. Stick with your race week plan.  Avoid falling prey to ‚Äúkeeping up with the Joneses‚Äù as you may see athletes doing all sorts of varied training sessions right up to race day.  There is no value in testing yourself race week and seeing if you can eek out any more fitness.  The hay is in the barn at this point.
  3. Eat how you typically do.  There is no magic meal come race week.  Your body has been adapting and carbo loading the entire build.  If you have a specific meal you like to eat as part of a pre-race ritual then have at it.  Otherwise, stick with your standard nutrient-dense carbs, protein and healthy fats.
  4. Organize your race gear and make sure your equipment is race ready.
  5. Prep the mind.  With the reduced training volume make an effort to sharpen your mental psyche.  Spend a few minutes each day visualizing key parts of your race, reviewing your race plan and keeping calm.  Focus on what is within your control.   (‚Ķor seek out D3 Mental Skills Coach Will Murray!)
  6. Make sleep a priority.  Ideally, try to get your best night‚Äôs sleep 48 hours prior to the event.
  7. Maintain a positive temperament.  Most likely you have a support group who will be with you throughout the week.  If you find yourself on edge, take a few deep breathes and remember they are part of your journey.
  8. Walk with quiet confidence.  You did the work.  You are fit.  You know how to swim, bike and run.  Avoid comparing yourself to other athletes simply by how ‚Äúfit‚Äù someone may appear or the high-end gear you see.
  9. Smile and thank volunteers starting with race registration, packet pick-up and throughout the race.Be your best!

Coach Brad is a USAT Certified Coach whose coaching methodology revolves around the roles that both the body and the mind play in an athlete’s ability to reach maximum potential.

Coach Brad Seng enjoys working with athletes of all abilities who set a variety of personal goals. He understands difficult training days. Challenging days and subpar workouts are inevitably part of the triathlon landscape, as are the times when you’re feeling great and everything clicks. He believes there are lessons to be learned from experiencing both. Sometimes having to fight for a workout is just what’s needed to achieve an important breakthrough in mental conditioning.  

Coach Brad is a USA Triathlon Certified Level II, USA Triathlon Certified Youth & Junior, Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach and NESTA Certified Sports Nutritionist (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association).

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