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May 2, 2024

National Champions: University of Colorado Women's Triathlon Team

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The conversation features Coach KJ and members of the CU Buffaloes women's triathlon team discussing their experience at the National Championship. They talk about the challenges of the race, the team's performance, and the importance of having fun while competing. The team had a strong showing, with several athletes finishing in the top 10. They also won the Spirit Award, showcasing their positive team culture.

The conversation highlights the team's dedication, camaraderie, and the impact of their coaches.


+The CU Buffaloes women's triathlon team had a successful performance at the National Championship, with several athletes finishing in the top 10.
+The team's positive team culture and focus on having fun contributed to their success.
+ The coaches played a crucial role in supporting and motivating the athletes.
+ The team's dedication and camaraderie were evident throughout the race.
+ Winning the Spirit Award showcased the team's positive energy and enthusiasm.

Sound Bites

**"We won it! Yeah. It was awesome."
**"The culture. There was just a huge shift this year. And I think we had all the pieces. We were just missing that one piece that was KJ and it just worked so well."
**"The numbers, right? Like that rising tide floats all boats. So I mean, it's just that energy that brings everybody up and that's really cool. That's special, that's special."


Mike Ricci (00:01.782)
Hi, Coach Mike Ricci here with D3 Multisport Trust the Process Podcast. And I have Coach KJ from the CU Buffaloes, Annie Meader and Lily Harris, members of the National Championship Women's Team. Welcome everyone.

Annie Meeder (00:14.551)
Thanks for having us.

Mike Ricci (00:15.914)
Yeah, how are you guys doing? You still on a little bit of a high from the race last weekend, two weekends ago?

Annie Meeder (00:21.631)

Lily (00:23.143)
It was an awesome weekend.

Mike Ricci (00:23.758)
Awesome, awesome. So I'm gonna start with Coach. Coach, first year with the team. I know that obviously the team has always done well and just tell me a little bit about, you know, just getting to nationals. Cause I will tell you the first time I went in 2009, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of kids, managing all the kids and just the energy there. Like I...

KJ (00:30.028)
Yep, first year with the team.

Mike Ricci (00:48.19)
Adrenline, I couldn't sleep at night. I mean, it was so, it was wild, you know? So tell me your experience with just the whole thing, the travel and all of it, right? I mean, just.

KJ (00:58.099)
Yeah, I mean, we have some really incredible leaders on the team, and fortunately, they do all of the travel planning. And so I really got to just show up and blindly follow the kids' leadership. And they're really not kids, right? They're young adults, but made the travel logistics a lot easier than I had expected originally. So grateful for that. We had two days of travel where our draft legal team traveled first. And then our...

Olympic team traveled second. I traveled with the Olympic team, Coach Dave traveled with the draft legal team and super easy. Once we got to the venue, energy was palpable. It was really, really cool to see so many schools, so many really strong teams there and excited for the weekend ahead. Yeah, and it was a really, really cool and surreal experience. First time being at Collegiate Club Nationals, just one of kind.

really a one of a kind experience, a one of a kind place.

Mike Ricci (01:58.462)
Awesome, awesome. Lily, you've been on the team for a while, right? A few years now.

KJ (02:06.731)
I'm so sorry, Coach Mike, I didn't hear that question.

Mike Ricci (02:09.32)
Oh, so Lily, you've been on the team for a few years now? Okay.

Lily (02:11.811)
Yes, this was my third year on the team.

Mike Ricci (02:15.086)
Third year, awesome. And so have you been to nationals before?

Lily (02:18.395)
Last year was my first year. This year was my second, yeah.

Mike Ricci (02:23.47)
Awesome. How did you place last year versus this year?

Lily (02:26.799)
Last year I was 14th I think, and then this year I came in 9th place.

Mike Ricci (02:34.014)
Awesome, and what was the time difference in your time? I know the courses were different, but.

Lily (02:39.789)
I have no idea. But definitely improvements I know within each of the disciplines.

Mike Ricci (02:41.086)
I love it. I love it.

Mike Ricci (02:46.634)
Awesome. And Annie, I know you had a pretty big improvement from last year to this year as well, right?

Annie Meeder (02:52.679)
Yeah, I think I was 38th last year and I was second this year.

Mike Ricci (02:58.23)
Well, that's a big difference. And so was some of that just like under performance last year where you're hurt mechanical like what happened and what was the difference?

Annie Meeder (03:06.431)
Oh, I mean, there's a lot of things I can attribute to the difference. Um, I think KJ and I, I mean, there's a lot of things, again, I could list a lot of things, but KJ and I keep going back to the team and having fun with what I'm doing. Um, I think I took a lot of things too seriously. Um, and we just looked at each other and said, let's, let's try to make this fun for me and it worked really well.

Mike Ricci (03:28.414)
Yep, have fun. That's always the big thing for sure, for sure. Tell me a little bit, let's just back up a little bit. Let's talk a little bit about regionals. How did that go overall for the team? And Lily, I'll start with you on that. How did that go? I mean, regionals seems to be for CU just kind of like a checkbox thing where CU goes down there, kind of dominates. But how was it this year with Coach KJ there and what was the vibe like and how did the team do?

Lily (03:55.911)
Yeah, Regionals was a lot of fun actually. It was a bit challenging. I had some issues leading into that race. And I think for the whole year, but a lot of it I saw during that race was kind of, this whole year, we all, but me specifically, I embodied the phrase like, Champions adapt. And I mean,

before the race the swim got shortened we showed up we didn't know if there was gonna be a swim and there was all this freak out and then it ended up being a 400 swim and people were panicking people were like yes that's awesome but I just wanted to start the race didn't know if I was gonna finish to start it and then I got on the bike and Annie was right there and we rode together the whole time some boys would ride with us

But me and Annie were there on the bike start to finish and it was so fun. And I don't think I've ever had that much fun in a race. Um, and I mean the, the top four girls in that race, we finished just minutes apart. And going back to the results from like Oktoberfest, the first couple of races of the season, we were all so spread apart. And then seeing at that race, we were so close together, like finishing. Minutes.

Like it was just awesome and that was when it clicked like, oh my gosh, we are so strong.

Mike Ricci (05:28.726)
That is awesome. And that's a hairy course too, in terms of the bike. It's got some 90 degree turns at the bottom of the hills. It's got some steep downhills, right? The only real good stretch is coming in. You got those little bit of rollers, but it's relatively straight ahead and not too many turns, but that can be, that can be hairy. Annie, what was your take on, was that your first race with the team or had you raced in the fall?

Annie Meeder (05:50.463)
I had raced Trion Man with the team, but it wasn't an official team race. So that was my first official team race. And the highlight was definitely just being with the team and traveling with all of them. Like this team has an energy that's really unmatched. I've been on a lot of different teams. And this has to be one that brings the most energy and joy to the sport. And so that was.

Mike Ricci (05:56.065)

Annie Meeder (06:16.319)
That was what really stood out to me. I don't think I could gauge how good or fast or bad anybody was, the way Lily could since she's been on the team for a little bit. But the thing that I did gauge was just how awesome it was to be on this team and how I wanted to perform for them and cheer for everybody and wait until the last person came in because that's just what we do.

Mike Ricci (06:44.01)
Yeah, and you make your little tunnel and they all run through, right? So, yeah, yeah. So what do you think that, so you ran in college as well, right? Ran and then did triathlon, is that right Annie? Okay, so what do you think the difference was? Was it, you know, you have a bunch of kids that, you know, some of them are pretty recreational, but you have the top, you know, third of the team, maybe it's, you know, 20, 25 kids that are pretty serious about it. Was it the balance of that? Or do you think it's something else that brings that energy?

Annie Meeder (06:46.945)

Annie Meeder (06:54.163)

Annie Meeder (07:13.195)

Well, I think what I noticed was, especially that top third on the team, yes, they're very serious about what they do and not even the top fast third, but the other two thirds are pretty serious about what they're doing too. Um, but along with that seriousness, nobody's serious. Okay. If you, if you get what I'm saying, everybody's there. They're like,

Mike Ricci (07:35.597)
No, I do.

Annie Meeder (07:36.743)
Yeah, everybody's there to have fun and everybody comes to every practice. And so you can consistently see your friends every single day. Um, and I mean, they become friends. Um, uh, and so I think that mix of everybody's there because they want to take this sport seriously, but also because they love hanging out with each other and goofing around is just like such a wonderful combination.

Mike Ricci (08:01.15)
keep it light but serious, right? And coach.

Annie Meeder (08:03.059)
And I think I've been around, sorry, I was just gonna say, I think this in like my athletic history, I've been around people who are really, really serious. And it's led to conditions that aren't super conducive to performance.

Mike Ricci (08:05.918)
No, go ahead, sorry. Finish.

Mike Ricci (08:20.834)
Right. Success and yeah, performance anxiety and all that stuff, right? I think we've all seen that here and there. Coach, when you got to have a, obviously you've been coaching the team, you know, for a few months at that time, you see them practice, you see them at serious bricks and, you know, the time trials and all that stuff. Like, did you, were you surprised at the performances or were you kind of like, wow, these kids really bring the energy in the performance? Like, did that surprise you or was it kind of what you were expecting?

Mike Ricci (08:53.162)
Okay, so when you got to Havasu, like you had coached the team for a couple of months and you've done some time trials and some serious workouts, when you got to Havasu and it all came together, did that kind of surprise you or was that kind of what you expected?

KJ (09:08.831)
A little bit of both, a little bit of both, which is probably like the worst answer, right? Like in some ways you're, you're expecting growth and development throughout a season plan. Um, but also like being first time with the, with the team and first competition really, like there's a lot of anxiety on a coach's side being like, I sure hope that they feel prepared and they're ready to race and do what they know how to do. Um, I think it was definitely surprising.

like seeing the strength and the depth on both teams, like that was really exciting and really reassuring. But yeah, I mean, from both like performance wise and team camaraderie wise, like seeing how the team really developed going into and coming out of Havasu was really, really cool leading indicator for how we were gonna do.

Mike Ricci (09:58.17)
Awesome, awesome. So Lily, back to you. So did you race more than just the Olympic? Did you do the DL or the mixed relay?

Lily (10:15.444)
I think what you're asking is that you've been cutting out if I did any of the others. I did the mixed team relay. Annie and I both did that at Nationals.

Mike Ricci (10:18.502)
Oh, sorry.

Mike Ricci (10:25.982)
Okay, and how did that go for the team?

Lily (10:28.731)
It was awesome that Annie and I both, we got third.

Mike Ricci (10:31.31)
Is that we got second?

Yeah, I was watching that. I was watching through USAT. I was watching that and you guys were further back, right? Like seventh or something.

KJ (10:42.423)
Wave beyond that.

Lily (10:42.551)
Yeah, we, so we started, we each, all of our legs were so strong. I mean, Annie and I were talking about it before the race, like before we even left and we were like, we are going to crush it. Like we were scared to say anything, to jinx anything, but we were like, wow, this is a strong team. Um, and then we started out, our first guy did really awesome. He got us in like top, top.

25, something like that, and then I did the swim, got on the bike, dropped my shoe, and was like, oh my gosh, I messed it up. We're screwed, like, made the wrong choice, I shouldn't have done it. And then got on the bike, like, got, well got off the bike, grabbed my shoe, put it back on, spent so much time, whatever, but somehow got us into 10th place. And then our next guy...

Mike Ricci (11:28.226)

Lily (11:41.115)
went the wrong way, missed the timing mats, the whole bunch of... I don't even know, but somehow got us into seventh. Not somehow, he's fast, he's crazy fast. And then Annie ran us from seventh to third place, but the best moment, I... well, a third guy, he was out biking, running, whatever, I see Annie, I look at her, and we just had that moment, was like...

It's gonna happen. And Annie just had an incredible performance to bring us into third place.

Mike Ricci (12:19.042)
That's awesome. So Annie, how is, coming from a running background, how is your swim, is it a strength or is it just kinda okay or do you swim pretty well?

Annie Meeder (12:30.463)
KJ, do you want to answer that?

Mike Ricci (12:32.848)

KJ (12:33.237)
You can reverse and I'll supplement if needed.

Annie Meeder (12:37.395)
Um, I think I've always thought of swimming as my weakness. Um, ever since I started triathlon, I was like, swimming is my worst and it will always be my worst. Um, but I came out of the water. Well, I led the swim, um, in the Olympic for the first 800 and then decided that was probably a bad idea and came out of the water sixth, um, with the top swimmers. And so it's, I think it's up with my bike and run and, um, it's no longer a weakness of mine.

Mike Ricci (13:07.086)
That's awesome. Well, the reason I'm asking you.

Annie Meeder (13:07.535)
And that's thanks to Coach KJ.

KJ (13:10.871)
I don't know that, I mean, I just, I give you stuff to do Annie and you go do it. And same thing with Lily, right? Like I'm not the one doing the work. I'm just there to support. But yeah, both of these two athletes, like swimming's hard, right? Especially when your coach is a swimmer, like loves to give you like some silly stuff to do. Swimming's really hard and it's mentally a big ask for.

Mike Ricci (13:26.542)
Swimming's hard.

Mike Ricci (13:31.169)

KJ (13:39.875)
for folks and these two just really dug in and both really worked on swim all season and it showed a lot. So cool success.

Mike Ricci (13:50.294)
That's awesome. You know, you guys saying that the race got cut short when we did nationals in 2009 or 10, it was in Lubbock and it was pouring rain and it was flooding and they cut the swim. And I had these two kids that were high school runners, they were like 32, 33 minute 10 Kers and they couldn't swim. Like they would swim 25 minutes, which wasn't at the level they needed to be at. And so...

I would give them four Ks and four K swim and they would go do it like after studying at night, just the two of them. And we get to nationals and I'm like, look, this is gonna pay off, this is gonna pay off. And we get there and they cut the swim down to like 600. And they're so mad at me. And I'm like, look, you're gonna run great. Like you're gonna run awesome because your fitness is so high. And they did, it was great. But just, you know, that stuff always happens and you just gotta be prepared for it, right? I mean, it's one of those things.

KJ (14:33.269)
That's awesome.

Mike Ricci (14:45.45)
And Andy, the reason I was asking you that is because, being a runner, I know you have a strong engine and swimming isn't about, it's part of the engine, that's some of it, but it's technique, right? You can take the guy who just won the Boston Marathon, put him in a pool and he's not gonna be able to swim as well as you or I or Coach KJ or Lily. So it's just one of those things where I think the technique and doing the things that coach is asking you to do is really important. So kudos to you for doing that. So, all right, well take me through the Olympic race.

KJ (14:58.401)
Oh no.

Mike Ricci (15:14.846)
Lily, do you want to give me your version of how it all went down?

Lily (15:19.607)
Sure. I had a little bit of a different experience. I came out of the water 69th. So I was a little bit farther back. Might have felt like I was in the front and then got out and I think I heard Coach Dave say, You're top 40! And hoping to have a top 10 finish, I was like, I'm...

Mike Ricci (15:20.833)

Lily (15:47.275)
kind of had that same moment in the mixed relay, like, there goes my race. But got on the bike and shortly onto the bike, I heard some spectator say top 15. So that kind of, there was that shift like, okay, I'm in the race again. And just the bike was really tough. I kind of

Took the last month leading up to the race off healing a concussion. So wasn't really doing a lot of training and felt it a little bit on the bike being such a challenging course. And then got off the bike, ran into transition, saw another teammate.

And I mean, I had intentions to put on sunglasses, put on a hat, put on some socks, you know, be comfortable. But I thought, this teammate is a strong runner. I want to stay up with her, have her pace me. So I just took my shoes and ran. Had an awesome run, just felt it was a hard course, but I think I had like the same time as last year's course, which was far easier. And

It, yeah, just an awesome, and hearing like when I crossed that finish line that all four of our scorers were in the top ten, it was just an amazing experience and I was just so proud of the whole team.

Mike Ricci (17:22.39)
That's awesome. So obviously you've got some doubts going to the start line if you haven't trained like you would normally would with a concussion obviously. So you had to rely on your fitness, right? That's huge. And this is something I'll tell you and I tell people this almost every day. Like what you did in the last week, yes, it's important, but what you've done the last five, 10, however many years, like that's all still in there. Your body knows how to race, right? You just need to get to the start line and have a little confidence.

Lily (17:34.313)
See ya.

Mike Ricci (17:48.682)
And it's that switch. And now you have that switch the rest of your life to know that you did it now and you can do it again, right? So that's huge. It's a huge takeaway, huge, which is awesome. So.

Lily (17:57.423)
Yeah, we had a lot of support from my coaches reminding me that the fitness is there I mean one time they even pulled out and shown me proof like you have the fitness

Mike Ricci (18:08.382)
Right, right. I love it. I love it. I know. I mean, that is coaching. And you know, it's, and I always say, you know, coaching is two things, you know, one, getting people to do more than what they think they're capable of, and two, get them to believe that they can actually do it, right? So physically one thing, but mentally really believe that they can do it. So that's the fun part of coaching. That is, you know, 100% the fun part. At least that's what I get out of it. I love seeing people achieve things that they think, I can't do that. Yes, you can. Little push, a little kick in the butt sometimes, whatever it is, like you'll get there, you know? So.

Lily (18:22.931)
Mm-hmm. For sure.

Mike Ricci (18:38.43)
All right, Annie, how about your version of Nationals and how all that went? You took us through the first 800 of the swim.

KJ (18:48.117)

Annie Meeder (18:49.403)
Yeah, I got you through the first 800. Um, well, so I actually have to start before, um, before the start, uh, because I walked over to the start line with coach KJ, um, and KJ looks at me and says, I want you to just go for it. I know you've been holding back a little bit cause I don't, I wasn't really sure what I was doing in these races, but I want you to just go for it in the swim and the bike and whatever happens in the run happens.

Mike Ricci (18:59.892)

Annie Meeder (19:19.555)
And so I had that in my head, but I hit the swim and I've never gotten out that well in a swim before. At both the nationals I've done, I've gotten absolutely pummeled in each of the swims. And so it came as a surprise to me when I kept looking up, I kept looking up, I was like, where are the pink caps? And they were just there. And so that was really came as a surprise to me.

KJ (19:39.535)
Thanks for watching!

Annie Meeder (19:48.047)
And I got out of the water sixth and ran through transition. I in transitions, something that I've learned is to try to just stay calm. And like, I want to move fast, but the fastest I'm going to move is if I'm calm. And so my transitions actually feel fairly slow because I am calm. And so transition went smoothly. I got on the bike and I don't really know if I knew what place I was in. I think.

Well, yeah, I guess I know how it sticks out of the water, but you never know what happens in transition. And so I just started poking off people. I tried to find a woman to pick off, but you can't really be too sure as you're going through the crowd of men. And I think there were some people on the course that were telling me where I was. I heard I was in third. I heard I was in 12th. Like I was pretty confused. And by the time

The bike went really well. Um, I tried to just go as hard as I could. Um, and at one point I was actually going back and forth with a woman from Arizona. Um, and this woman from Arizona was going hard, but it turned out to be a man. And so that worked out really well in my favor actually. Um, and I actually saw a ton of my friends on the bike, like, um,

teammates from the past and teammates on CU. And so that was super fun. It's, that was actually a really fun part cause you get words of encouragement and from your teammates and from past teammates. And then it was, it was a little scary coming off the bike cause we come down this big hill and it's kind of narrow. And there were a bunch of guys surrounding me, but then I saw coach KJ at transition and I was like, and I kind of just nodded at KJ. I was like, yeah, this is awesome.

Um, and then transition went well and coming into the run. I actually didn't know what place I was in. I sort of assumed I assumed I was in top 10. Um, but at that.

Mike Ricci (21:50.766)
Was it out and back or was it a loop course?

Annie Meeder (21:53.995)
Uh, it was a loop course. So like we, we never really saw. Well, the bike course was a loop course. Um, but I wasn't really, I had down going for it. Um, but it turns out I was leading off the bike by about 35 seconds. Um, and I think the run went really well. I didn't have many people to work off of. Um, I worked really hard up the hills and I'm trying to maintain pace down the hills.

Mike Ricci (21:57.924)

Annie Meeder (22:23.203)
And as I came around this last corner, I saw Faith Duncan, who's a really phenomenal athlete coming up behind me. And so I took off up that last hill and gapped her, but down the hill, my legs gave out down the finish shoot and she got me in the last three seconds. So, it was first and second. Huh? That was first and second, so.

Mike Ricci (22:43.906)
So that was first and second. That was first and second. Oh man, yeah, that's hard. Well, now you got some motivation to train for next year, right?

Annie Meeder (22:53.81)
Yeah, absolutely. Gotta train for that finish line.

Mike Ricci (22:57.346)
Yeah, he'll repeat with her name on it, right? Just put it on there and just, whatever. Awesome. And coach, what was your experience from the whole thing? And just in terms of, you know, seeing where the girls were throughout the day, and then kind of as the race developed, you're probably thinking, wow, that we're doing really well, right?

KJ (22:59.911)
Thank you.

Annie Meeder (23:00.599)

KJ (23:14.131)
Yeah, well, so what these two didn't really, didn't, I mean, they sort of alluded to it, but didn't really get into detail. This is a really challenging course. The swim was, I think, it looked pretty smooth. Obviously, I wasn't out on the water. But then as soon as you leave the water, you're heading uphill until the turnaround on the bike course, and you're heading downhill until T2. And then you run downhill for two miles, and then you've got a couple of real short, punchy hills with very steep climbs.

Um, similar elevation profile to Magnolia for folks that are familiar with Magnolia road, um, in Boulder. And, um, and then the downhill, a downhill finish the last two K or so. Um, so like your, your quads are going to scream basically the entire race. Um, coming out of the water, our, our women's team was really towards the front. Um, as Annie kind of mentioned, it's kind of hard to tell, uh, there's two waves of men.

in front of the two waves of women, two seated waves of women. But like you could pick them out, right? We got some feedback post race, no more pink caps for women, but it does make it easy for your coaches to find you. But yeah, so coming out of the swim, we could tell our women's team really swam really, really well. Our set or six in the top in the first wave like really crushed it.

I was at the dismount line for the first couple of women across the line. Um, saw Annie get off the bike and like did get the little head nod. Um, but unfortunately missed a couple right after her because there was a crash at the dismount line and I was just the first responder there. So I was the first one there. Um, so then I was basically blind, couldn't be texting coach Dave and Jesse out on course. And so I got on my little bike and I. Rode as fast as I could out to the single.

out and back on the run course and was standing next to actually the Cal Poly coach. And I watched Annie go by and then I watched Anna go by and then I watched Casey go by and then I watched Lily go by and he's like, that was a lot of your girls in the top 10. And I was like, that was top 10. This is awesome. I was frantically counting and coaches kept asking me questions. Spectators kept asking me questions. And I was like, no, I'm using my fingers. I need to figure out where we're at.

Mike Ricci (25:28.107)

KJ (25:38.699)
Um, so I really didn't have any idea until I started seeing them on the out and back realizing like, holy cow, these women crushed it. So. Like could see, it could see success throughout the day, but kind of blind to it until then. Yeah.

Mike Ricci (25:46.518)
That's so impressive. Yeah, that's awesome.

Yeah, that's incredible. Well, anything else you guys wanna add to the story? The myth, the lore, I mean, National Champions, that's a big deal. And your name's in the history books, so that's pretty cool. Yeah? Oh yeah, one more thing. I'm supposed to ask you about this. What happened with the Spirit Award?

KJ (26:05.366)
I'm sorry.

KJ (26:11.095)
What happened? Lily, can you tell us what happened?

Mike Ricci (26:12.246)
You guys want it?

Lily (26:15.403)
We won it! Yeah. It was awesome.

Mike Ricci (26:17.678)
That's awesome. You know, CU, I mean, that's a big deal for the Buffaloes just because you go there with the intention of doing well and the process of training to do as well as you can at Nationals and the fun part is always a big part of it. But I don't know that we ever focused on the Spirit Award, but I know you guys did and that's pretty impressive. So congrats. I mean, that's huge. You got some pretty big schools there. Cal, was it...

Cal had a big team there, like 75 people, right? And you got Wisconsin had like 50, 60 kids. And I mean, that's a lot of competition. So you guys must've been really loud, which is. That's.

Annie Meeder (26:54.544)
Yeah, showed up in a lot of ways.

Lily (26:57.723)
I think that was the biggest shift for this year was the focus. It was on our performance and triathlon and all that, but the culture. There was just a huge shift this year. And I think we had all the pieces. We were just missing that one piece that was KJ and it just worked so well. And the officer board, especially our president, vice president, and we had two awesome coaches that just like...

I mean it scared me a little bit. I was like, we're focusing on fun? The culture? No! We gotta be fast! But it was everyone just got along so well and wanted to have fun and be fast. And I've never seen, the last two years, I've never seen that many numbers, especially that like dead period in December, November after, Pumpkin Man. I was like, oh here we go, like I'm gonna be the only one at practice.

And I mean the first couple months, like, there were some times where I was the only girl or there were two girls at practice and then every practice, like from like Pumpkin Man on, was just like, you saw the numbers growing and all of the girls were there and it was those Tuesday runs that I remember that

Lily (28:23.745)
the last people running were the girls. And I was like, this is awesome, we have it this year.

Mike Ricci (28:31.382)
That's so cool. And you know, the numbers, right? Like that rising tide floats all boats. So I mean, it's just that energy that brings everybody up and that's really cool. That's special, that's special. And it's hard to replicate that. So try to bottle it if you can and use it next year, right? Like, you know what the formula is now. So you got to try to bottle it.

KJ (28:49.727)
Yeah, I mean, and especially with that rising tide, right? Like we've talked a lot about our top four, our scorers being in the top 10. Our top six women were in the top 36, right? So our fifth place was 14th and sixth was 36. Like that's awesome. And just really, really cool. And the depth just, it just doesn't stop.

Mike Ricci (29:00.374)
Yep, that's wild.

Mike Ricci (29:10.826)
Yeah, well, you'll grow it now. That's the thing. That's awesome. Well, congratulations to everybody. I really appreciate you guys coming on. This was really awesome. If you ever have a question, let me know. Happy to help. And coach, stay in touch, please. And let me know what's going on this summer. So, well, thank you everybody. I really, really appreciate you guys coming on. So thank you and congratulations again.

KJ (29:24.556)

Lily (29:32.159)
Thank you, Mike. See you at BAM this summer.

Annie Meeder (29:32.436)
Yeah, thanks for having us.

KJ (29:33.847)
Thanks Coach Meyers.

Mike Ricci (29:35.902)

Annie Meeder (29:36.295)
Oh, okay.

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