The Smoothie: The Highlight of the Day

Female making a fruit smootie
May 11, 2023

George Epley


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For many athletes, the highlight of their day is the smoothie. Many of us spend countless hours perfecting our smoothie recipes for pre-workout, post-workout, and nutritional supplementation with numerous combinations of ingredients. The blender is at heart of smoothie perfection, the kitchen device that sits proudly on many a kitchen countertop.

Two leading brands of blenders are Vitamix and Blendtec, with other brands available on the marketplace. High-end blenders often come with a hefty price tag exceeding four-hundred dollars. However, with that price tag, you’re getting a machine with a powerful motor that can generate very high RPMs to make short work of frozen fruit, ice cubes, and leafy vegetables. There is comfort in knowing that a blender jar stuffed with spinach, kale, ice cubes, and a frozen banana will quickly be deliquesced in short order with my Vitamix. A less powerful blender will have difficulty churning the ingredients and gaining smoothie perfection.

Customizing your smoothie recipes are part of the fun. I’ve experimented with various greens, including beet, dandelion, and rhubarb. You can add healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and avocado to your smoothie, with avocado adding a unique texture to the smoothie. The combinations of fruits are limitless, so experiment with what’s available at your local supermarket. I generally always keep frozen bananas, strawberries, and blueberries in the freezer as a baseline for my smoothies. Experiment with your ingredients and have fun achieving your smoothie perfection. Post your favorite smoothie recipe on the D3 Facebook page for the team to see your creations.


Links to a few smoothie recipes:

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