Featured D3 Athlete, Dana Willett

Female triathlete running into transition from the swim
April 18, 2019

D3 Staff



It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Team D3 athlete Dana Willett.

Her coach, Jim Hallberg, expressed with pride and excitement, that Oceanside 70.3 2019 was Dana’s best race in many years and that there was an important sequence of events in Dana’s training that helped to make that happen.  Her final result was 6:11 for 18th place in her age group (50-54). She ran a 1:59 on the run and the metrics of her race were nearly perfect!

Throughout 2018 work and family were tugging Dana in multiple directions.  When that finally shifted and she was able to release some pressure, the race results started to show up toward the end of the 2018 season.  She also participated in the Solvang Training Camp to develop her fitness and confidence.  The camp was timed perfectly for Oceanside.  Albeit it was taxing, that hard work translated to race day.

Coach Jim recognizes resilience as one of Dana’s strengths and appreciates the communication they have in their coach-athlete relationship.  She trusts the process.  Way to go, Dana, you embody all of D3:  Desire, Determination, and Discipline!

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