Athlete of the Month, July 2013 - Susan Einberger

Swim, Bike, Run
January 30, 2017

D3 Staff



Susan Einberger is coached by Dave Sheanin, and ironically, back in her college days she was part of the University of CO Triathlon Team. Congratulations to her for being named the D3 Athlete of the Month!

Hi Susan,

D3: Can you tell us a little bit about your sports background? Which sports did you do as a kid and as you got older?

[SE] I did a bit of gymnastics, soccer, basketball, but was mostly a swimmer. I swam summer league, year round, and high school. My dad is an avid cyclist and had me on the back of his tandem when I was a kid. I rode my bike to soccer practice, friend's houses, school, etc. So it was pretty natural for me to start cycling. I joined the triathlon team at CU Boulder and loved being part of that group for 4 years. After college, I really got into cycling and started racing bikes (road and CX) for several years before returning to triathlons.

D3:What was your motivation to get started in triathlon?

[SE] The challenge of training and racing 3 sports. The opportunity to continue being a competitive athlete after high school and college.

D3:When and where was your first triathlon race?

[SE] Collegiate Nationals at Wildflower 2000

D3:Have you done any races that you'd traveled for?

[SE] Mostly in college,Nationals at Wildflower and Lake Pleasant & Regionals at Rocky Point, Mexico

D3:Best Triathlon moment?

[SE] Collegiate regionals with my best friend, Pam, in Puerto Penasco Mexico wearing sombreros!

D3:What is your favorite race and why?

[SE] Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlon. It is the most scenic race I have ever done and a good excuse for a weekend getaway! The venue is very unique, everyone camps in the park the night before the race, nothing like waking up next to the transition area! The race is very laid back and friendly, it attracts newbies and I enjoy seeing people get into the sport.

D3:What services have you used at D3 to help you with reaching your goals?

[SE] The best service from D3 has been coach Dave Sheanin. Dave is an incredible guy. His personality and style of coaching is uniquely Dave. He's a great listener and communicator. He's emotionally intelligent, which no doubt goes a long way in working with stressed out athletes. He's very welcoming and open, you can talk to him about anything. He's a great teacher, leader, and coach; the type of guy you will work hard for. He brings out the best in people. And, he's pretty funny.

D3:What are your long term goals in triathlon?

[SE] Continue improving, racing myself, and enjoying the lifestyle and camaraderie of the sport.

D3:If you could spend one day training with anyone, who would it be?

[SE] Will Smith in I am Legend

D3:What's your dream bike?

[SE] One with a big motor :)

D3:What's in your race future?

[SE] Heading to Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee next week. If that goes well, hopefully Worlds next year. I might try to get myself to Hy-Vee next month if my work schedule allows.

D3:What's your favorite workout?

[SE] Swimming with my buddies at Masters, riding to Jamestown, and running the beautiful trails around Boulder :-)

D3:What your least favorite workout:

[SE] Riding to Carter Lake :-(

D3:Tell us something interesting about you!

[SE] I have been on a quest the last 4 years to find Thai food in the Boulder area as good as the Thai food in Eugene, OR. I might have to switch gears and get into the restaurant franchise business ;-)

Congratulations, Susan!

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