Athlete of the Month, July 2012 - Dale Harrison

Triathlete with his family
January 30, 2017

D3 Staff



Can you tell us a little bit about your sports background?

My background is running. I have been involved in running since a very young age. Started in primary school doing little athletics and cross country.

Which sports did you do as a kid and as you got older?

I went to a small primary school where you played all the sports because you had to make the numbers. I played soccer in winter and Cricket in summer. Stopped playing soccer when I finished primary school and only played cricket through high school. During high school I competed in both cross country and athletics at a national level. I stopped at the age of 20 and only resumed at 26.

What was your motivation to get started in triathlon?

I spent a year off work traveling the world and returned to work and got roped into doing a team relay triathlon. I enjoyed the race and realized that I enjoyed the sense of self achievement I got from it.

When and where was your first race?

The first race was the corporate triathlon, which was a team relay. The race was in my home town Perth in 2006.

What do you do for work?

Structural draftsman. Get to sit down all day and push a mouse.

What services have you used at D3 to help you with reaching your goals?

I use the D3 Quarterly Custom training plan. Getting a Plan that fits you and rather than a cookie cutter plan really made the difference. Having a young family, life, training and work, I need a plan that works. In the past having a plan that was copied / pasted from an excel spreadsheet is not a custom plan. Mike delivers and understands what an athlete with a young family is capable of.

Best Triathlon moment?

Running down the finishing chute of my first half ironman, even though I was cramping so bad that I could barely walk down the chute. I had my friends laughing at me because of the funny running technique I was using.

What is your favorite race and why?

The Busselton 70.3. I enjoy the swim in the clean, flat ocean, the flat ride through the national forest and the 3 lap run loop on the boardwalk. Having a crowd on the first half of the the run loop pumps you up when you're feeling flat. For me the 3 lap run only feels like 6km and I enjoy every step! Knowing that it's the last race of the season and I get to sleep in on Monday (no workouts!).

What are your long term goals in triathlon?

To become stronger on the bike and then to do an ironman.

If you could spend one day training with anyone, who would it be?

Emilo Zadapek. (I think I spelled that right.)

What’s in your race future?

First, 70.3 Vegas. I got a spot but turned it down due to family commitments.

And then, every triathlete's dream-Kona.

What's your favorite workout?

The hour running session: 15 minute warmup, followed by 15x1min and 15 minute cool down. The session never feels like I have run for an hour.

What your least favorite workout?

Long rides over 3 hours on the bike. After that time I get bored!

Tell us something interesting about you!

I just took a ten day trip from Sydney to Brisbane with a few other families. We did the whole Chevy Chase "Vacation" deal! We had all the couples in a van and it was a blast!

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