Athlete of the Month, December 2012 - Elizabeth Laughery

Triathlete celebrating with family
January 30, 2017

D3 Staff



Can you tell us a little bit about your sports background? I have always been involved in sports.  I wasn't a "mellow" child at all.  I began playing soccer, swimming and running at age 4.  I dropped swimming a couple years later and focused on soccer and track.  I got a full scholarship for soccer and attended Michigan State University.

Which sports did you do as a kid and as you got older? I played soccer, ran track, did a little swimming, skied at a young age and then began snowboarding at age 10.  As I got older (and into middle school), my focus was on soccer and track.

What was your motivation to get started in triathlon? After college, I eventually moved to Boulder and was finding myself a little burnt on playing co-ed competitive soccer.  After a leg injury that led to surgery because a guy kicked me so hard, I decided to hang up the soccer shoes.  I found myself in a bike store, picked up a magazine and saw the word "triathlon"-three sports during one race-COOL!  Coincidentally, I had never heard of such a sport.

When and where was your first race? Hmm..  In 2005, the Ft. Collins Indoor Triathlon.

What do you do for work? I am a Special Education teacher at a day treatment program in Longmont.  I support students who have been referred to us by neighborhood schools because of emotional and behavioral problems.  I love my job, and the students that I support everyday.  It can be challenging at times, but I cannot imagine not working with these at-risk students.

What services have you used at D3 to help you with reaching your goals?  The best coach, Mike Ricci.  Funny story, when I ran across that magazine in the bike store and decided to pursue this sport, I went home, hopped on google and searched "triathlon coaches in Boulder" who popped up-Mike Ricci.  He was the first one I searched, and the one I stuck with..( Good Choice!)

Have you done any races that you'd traveled for? Yes. Ironman Florida

Best Triathlon moment? Honestly, crossing the finish line at Ironman Florida this year.  WOW!

 What is your favorite race and why? 70.3 Boulder.  I can now say that I've done all distances of triathlon races, but I have to say my favorite distances are the 70.3's.  I'm biased saying Boulder is my favorite because I LOVE Boulder.  It's nice to be able to race in your hometown and having your friends and family around to support you out on the course!

 What are your long-term goals in triathlon? I would love to do another Ironman someday.  It was a lot to balance with a small child, full time work, supporting my crazy ironman hubby and pursuing my master's degree but someday, I would like to do another.

 If you could spend one day training with anyone, who would it be? Chrissie Wellington.

 What's in your race future? The plan is to try and have another little one in the next year I will probably not sign up for anything this year, but if by chance, I'm not pregnant by the summer, then I will add Boulder Peak and 70.3 for fun!

 What's your favorite workout? My favorite workouts are the long ones!  The Ironman simulation day 100 mile bike ride and then a 2 hr run after!  Also, I Love a 5 mile run, 30-45 mile bike ride and another 5 mile run!

 What your least favorite workout?  5,000 yrd swim. Blah.

 Tell us something interesting about you.  I am a celebrity gossip FREAK! If I wasn't in love with my current job, I would move to Los Angeles and become a celebrity blogger and chase celebrities all day long.  I have met, chased and took over 20 photos of celebrities!

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