Athlete of the Month, August 2012 - Toyin Fayemi

Swim, Bike, Run
January 30, 2017

D3 Staff



Toyin Fayemi just had a phenomenal Ironman Lake Placid and was named the D3 Athlete of the Month! Congrats Toyin!

Can you tell us a little bit about your sports background?  My athletic career started relatively late.  After being forced onto a swim team in 7th grade, I found my niche as a sprint free-styler. During my senior year of high school, I placed 3rd in NY state in the 50yd freestyle and 5th in the 100yd freestyle.   I continued to swim for Yale University with a PR of 20.3 seconds in the 50yd freestyle and a 45.45 seconds in the 100yd freestyle.

Which sports did you do as a kid and as you got older?  As a child I played in various soccer leagues.  During the summers I went to athletic camps where I played multiple sports including lacrosse, tennis, basketball, football, and swimming.

What was your motivation to get started in triathlon?  After college my fitness waxed and waned.  It wasn't uncommon for me to take a year off from exercise.  About 5 years ago, I saw a photograph of myself that rubbed me the wrong way.   I started going to the gym a few times a week more consistently but it felt like a chore.  I'm still not sure why, but I decided to try running with a group.  I vividly remember my 1st run with them on July 15th 2008.  It was my longest run ever: 4 miles in 42 minutes!  I was exhausted but alive.  For the next few months, I joined the group 2-3 times per week.  As a swimmer, a couple of triathletes in the group convinced to give triathlons a try.

When and where was your first race?  The Sudbury Sprint in 2009.  This was a 400 yard indoor swim, 7.2 mile bike, and 2.1 mile run.  I did the bike in my swim suit and rode a hybrid mountain bike‚ with aerobars!  The course is really flat, but it still was one of the most painful races I've done.

What do you do for work?  I'm a Pediatrician

What services have you used at D3 to help you with reaching your goals?  I was coached by Simon Butterworth for my 1st Ironman.   Initially, I had hoped to break 12 hours in my 1st Ironman, but after a miserable (and painful) experience during my 1st marathon my goals changed.  My primary goals changed:  Enjoy my training, avoid injury, and most importantly enjoy racing.  I would say that all these goals were achieved.  Not only that, but I broke 12 hours even with nutritional issues.

Have you done any races that you'd traveled for?  No, the furthest I've gone is Ironman Lake Placid which is a 5 hour drive for us.

Best Triathlon moment?   By far, crossing the finish line at  Ironman Lake Placid

What is your favorite race and why?  It would have to be Ironman Lake Placid.  The fans and volunteers were absolutely amazing.

What are your long term goals in triathlon?  Long term, I would like to continue competing in all distances.  I'm relatively new to the sport so despite my age, I'm hoping that I will continue to improve and learn where my limits are.

If you could spend one day training with anyone, who would it be?  I'm pretty slow, so training with any of the professional triathletes would be pretty useless.  I think if I could hang out with a triathlete for a day it would be Chrissie Wellington.

What's in your race future?  The rest of this season is very laid back.  I have a couple of sprint triathlons in the fall and the BAA half marathon Columbus day weekend.  My 1st marathon experience was a nightmare so I'd like to tackle another one early next year.  Hopefully in 2013 I'll race Ironman Canada or Arizona,

Wha's your favorite workout?  

Running Mixed Intervals:

1 mile warm up

3K at Half marathon pace; 90 second jog

2K at 10K pace;  90 second jog

1K at 5K pace; 90 second Jog

1/2 mile at 3K pace; 90 second Jog

1 mile warm down

What's your least favorite workout?  Any strength workout involving weights.

Tell us something interesting about you!  I was a member of the Yale Whiffenpoofs and I used to be quite the comic book artist.

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