Beginner Video Series, Part 4: Avoid Run Injuries

January 2, 2000

Mike Ricci



Running is the most likely of the three disciplines to trigger overuse. As you add intensity or volume to your workouts, the chances for injury increases.
However, if you are aware of the symptoms, you can stave off injury and keep your training on course and moving toward race day.

In this video, Coach Martina, a USAT Certified Coach, shares a common-sense perspective and uses her experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy to bring these injuries to your attention and point you into the ‘prevention direction’.

Stave off running injuries before they happen!  Watch the video above.

Coach Mike Ricci is the Founder and Head Coach for D3 Multisport.  His coaching style is ‘process-focused’ vs. ‘results-focused.’ When working with an athlete, their understanding of how and why they are improving is always going to take precedence over any race result. Yes, there is an end goal, but in over 2 decades of coaching, experience has shown him that if you do the right work, and for the right reasons, the results will follow.

Coach Mike is a USAT Level III Elite Certified Coach, Ironman University Certified Coach, and Training Peaks Level II Certified Coach. He was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year.

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